Welcome to Truth Theorem Radio with Warren, Jason, Rob and Dale.

What is TTR? Truth Theorem Radio is an online venue for Truth seekers who feel that getting to the Truth doesn’t have to be a mind numbing and humorless experience.  They discuss all things paranormal and sometimes things a little more normal.  They talk to the boots on the ground people doing the hard research who are looking to discover the Truth. With over fifteen years of combined paranormal research experience and no real Truth to show for it, Warren and Jason appeal to the listener to join them in an open and honest dialog with Scientific Experts, Paranormal Research Teams, Authors, Psychics, Ufologists, Crypto Zoologists, Alien Researchers, Alien Abductees, Demonologists, and even a few Nuts, Quacks, and Mental Cases, in an effort to uncover, reveal, and expose, what we commonly refer to as TRUTH.

TTR is now in its 5th season of doing LIVE internet radio and has interviewed guests of all types on over 100 shows. TTR  is simulcast LIVE Wednesday nights on The Global Radio Alliance. If you have any interest in being a Guest on our show, please reach out to us at: [email protected]



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